I specialise in the fields of:

  • Agricultural Production and Research
  • Rural Development
  • Food and Drink Production and Marketing
  • Cycling
  • Children's Fiction
  • Culture and Tourism
  • NGOs
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Retail
  • Interior Design


Translating written text from English into French


Accurate translation of official documents

For example: legal documents, rules and regulations, manuals, business documents.

Creative translation and localisation

Some translations need to take into account cultural differences, which is also known as localisation, to make sure that cultural references work in the text and that it sounds natural to a French speaker. This can apply to brochures, websites, marketing material, magazines, articles and titles, slogans, point of sale communication etc.

Language Consultancy

Facilitating business and establishing links

This service is intended for companies wishing to target a French speaking country. It can include making initial contact with potential clients, arranging and interpreting at meetings, and translating presentations, brochures and marketing material.


Do not hesitate to get in touch to obtain a free quotation.

Charges for translation work are based on the number of words in the document to be translated (source text), as well as its technical level. Other services are charged on a time basis: per half day or full day for interpreting, per minute for telephone interpreting, and per hour for language consultancy. Minimum charges apply to all services and supplements may be applied for urgent translation work and some document formats.


Facilitating communication



Even if you speak some French, or your French client or contact speaks some English, you might want to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings or “grey areas” and make your meeting as fruitful and effective as possible by employing the services of a bilingual interpreter.

Training courses

French speaking delegates will get the full benefit of a training course through the services of an interpreter, and have a much better chance of passing assessments and obtaining the qualification they came for. The presence of an interpreter will also make life easier for the trainer who can then concentrate on delivering the course content.

Trade fairs

Having an interpreter at an international trade fair will help you communicate with the organizers, increase your contacts and leads and therefore maximize your investment in your stand.


I will be delighted to accompany a French speaking group coming for a business and/or sightseeing trip to the UK, and to Scotland in particular. Likewise, if you are taking a delegation or a group to France and would like an interpreter to help the trip go smoothly and make sure that the participants get the full benefit of what they see and hear, contact me.

Telephone interpreting

If you would like to contact a French speaker with the comfort of having an interpreter on the line at the same time, I can arrange a three-way-call.

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